Flash: the enemy of Macbook battery life

The Awesome MacBook Air

The Awesome MacBook Air

In the early days of using the MacBook Air, battery life of 5 hours was not unheard of, especially if I was not doing anything related to video.

For normal browsing, bit of email, and mostly writing (code and English!), battery life was pretty good.  Some days I would be out and about, and not plugin till the end of the workday.

Then something changed.  Somewhere along the line I started to hear this whirring sound, the fan was on full blast, and battery time was closer to 2-3 hours instead of 4-6.  Not cool.

What happened?

Did I install some weird, virus-filled software? Probably not.  I’m a little paranoid, and usually keep anti-virus and the like up to the minute.

Did I change some settings while trying to get on to the wireless of one of my favourite coffee shops, which the Mac was stubbornly refusing to detect? May be.

This weekend I decided to figure out what on earth was going on.

Off I went to fire up Activity Monitor, the equivalent of Windows Task Manager.  For newbies, you can find it under Applications, Utilities.

Ordering the running processes by CPU utilization, I found something called Adobe Resource Synchronizer eating up 68% CPU! A quick visit with my friend Goo